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Angela Craig

Ange in the High Hopes KitchenAngela Craig has worked for 19 years in private practice and group contexts, designing healing, life purpose and fulfilment programmes. Her sole aim is to facilitate your personal growth and journey to health and wholeness.

Angela’s work is dedicated to health at all levels.

Working closely, you will concentrate on understanding your overall well-being and functioning in terms of your expression as a person in the world, including your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual outlook and experiences.

Together, you look at how your unique burdens of energetic disturbance create your body’s energy weak spot, and how this in turn manifests in your life – in relationships, careers, communities, parenting, physical disease level, and more.

“In each session, I offer an integrated transdisciplinary approach, drawing on the most appropriate methods for each instance. Applied kinesiology sessions balance us through first assessing existing health syndromes and then finding the path of healing response unique to that person. For people with the identical ailment, for example a bacterial infection, arthritis or depression, the remedy pathway will differ. One person might respond to a homoeopathic and flower essence remedy together with working on a mental pattern, another an allopathic medical treatment combined with meditation path, a third bed-rest and career change as well as having a gynaecological check-up. Each consultation yields specific answers to that individual. Feedback from clients is extremely positive. A feedback book at High Hopes gives others the opportunity to learn about this wonderful modality by reading about other people’s experiences.”

We will explore the power in each of us, through the “memory of water” (and we are composed of 75-90% water), a phenomenon demonstrated through Dr Masaru Emoto’s magnificent work involving water crystal photography. Emoto’s work demonstrates how an ‘imprint’ or ‘engraving’ is created – through our thinking and feeling and intending – on our predominantly affected organ’s (or region’s) liquid crystal matrix, resulting in an actual conformational change at DNA level. It is this ‘engraving’ in the body’s water memory and the body’s energy body memory that Angela taps into via applied kinesiology, to give you accurate readings of where your energy is out of balance, and how to work at balancing it uniquely for you.

The human race finds itself at the frontier of irrefutable evidence, using modern energetic devices, that energetic constellations are at the very heart of disease expression, most probably also playing a defining role in the development of the individual’s physical, mental and emotional traits. Angela’s commitment is to show you, in language you can comprehend, the ways in which your own energy constellations are configured in their imbalance and their healthy aspects. Through awareness, we understand ourselves. This is the true path to healing.