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Beverley Blumberg: Yoga Instructor

Bev Blumberg of High HopesBev is the High Hopes Retreats yoga teacher. She practices and facilitates an alignment kind of yoga, and offers remedial classes to those needing it or recovering from injuries of any kind, as well as regular alignment classes.

It is now almost 20 years since Beverley Blumberg moved to Greyton. She had left a growing Hout Bay for a small farm in the Boland over 20 years ago, and is now settled in Greyton where she sells property and takes yoga classes. After many years of rigorous involvement with yoga under excellent teachers, she spent a decade running, swimming and doing hard physical work on her olive farm and in her production pottery.

So her return to the practice of yoga came with an understanding of the effects of strains, overwork, injuries and the challenges of aging. Her return to the regular practice of Hatha Yoga has focused on awakening an understanding of the body – awareness of posture and the importance of establishing a balanced foundation.

Beverley enjoys going back to basics and exploring the demands of a rigorous daily commitment that is both physical and emotional. For her own practice as well as her teaching, she regularly attends workshops with senior teachers. Beverley feels our practice of Hatha yoga is constantly unfolding before us, so she will interact with each student from their own personal vantage point. This means she is as happy working with beginners as with those who have an established practice. She believes most people, once introduced to the regular practice of yoga, will find it remains a constant and stabilizing part of their lives and her aim is to spark this awakening where she can.

Beverley is an integral part of the High Hopes Retreat team, offering this ancient modality to those who enjoy it or would like to try it for the first time under the guidance of an experienced and sympathetic teacher.