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Lisa Kevitt: Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

Lisa Kevitt of High HopesLisa was born and grew up in Cape Town. Her conscious spiritual journey began when she travelled to India in her early twenties and she continues to be a seeker. Walking in the Himalayas is still one of her favorite things to do and places to be.

Traveling has been a key feature for the first half of her adult life. She settled with her partner in the Karoo on a private nature reserve for four years where her interest in the healing powers of plant medicine began. She decided to further her studies and enrolled in a Therapeutic Aromatherapy course in Cape Town to understand the energetic and chemical workings of medicinal plants and there began her interest in energy medicine and the power of touch, in conjunction with these powerful essences. It was then that she decided to add Therapeutic Reflexology to her studies. So what began with an interest in plants evolved naturally into body work. After nearly 3 years of study, it was time to put it all into practice.

Lisa moved to Greyton and one of the first places that caught her attention was High Hopes Healing Energy and Retreat Centre. After meeting Angela and Sharon, Lisa soon began working with them and at the same time opened a practice of her own called Nature’s Touch. Lisa is thrilled to say that almost seven years later she still loves working with Angela and Sharon and her own practice is still going strong. It has been and continues to be an incredible journey of unfoldment and facilitating others’ unfoldment. Lisa feels deeply honored and grateful to be a part of this healing world and all of those whom she encounters through this wonderful work.

The therapeutic modalities Lisa offers are massage and reflexology. Massage and reflexology are ancient practices providing relaxation and stress relief on many levels. Over the years of her practice Lisa has been witness to much transformation through the benefits of touch in a non-invasive and neutral environment.

The techniques of massage that she practices are based on the Swedish Massage principles in conjunction with Aromatherapy. Over time and through experience she has learned to incorporate specific movement and pressure point therapy in support of the individuals discomfort at hand. Through the application of soft tissue manipulation, these therapies relieve areas of congestion, reduce pain and increase relaxation. Reflexology is a fascinating and profound modality of healing, working with the principle that our bodies are made up of many micro systems within the macro system. From pure relaxation to working with a specific diagnosis, reflexology will aid in removing blockages and restoring energy to depleted areas.

The importance of these techniques is to induce a state of being whereby the body’s own healing mechanism can function at its optimum bringing balance to the entire system.