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Marshall Rinquest: Mountain Walk Guide

Marshall Rinquest of High HopesMarshall Jaston Rinquest was born on 7 February 1989 in Somerset Hospital, Cape Town. He moved to Greyton at the age of 5 years old to live with his grandparents. Marshall has a twin brother, Marlin. Marshall lives in Greyton with his wife and their one son, to whom he is dedicated.

Marshall’s main interests are music and walking in the Mountains and enjoying Mother Nature. Marshall leads a variety of flora and fauna walks in the exquisite mountains surrounding Greyton, called the Sonderend Mountains (Mountains Without End). He formed a band which he currently plays in as Bassist. The Reggae band, called Country Conquerors, has gone from strength to strength and are recording their second album at present. They play locally and tour. Marshall loves playing music and also shares his music skills with other people.

Marshall was introduced to the trails,and plants in the Greyton Mountains by his beloved Grandfather. This led to his decision to offer guided walks to people, to share his knowledge of the Mountain and plants, including some of their healing properties.

Marshall sees himself as a very caring and conscious person . He enjoys helping people and loves seeing them go forward in life.