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Healing Energy Centre

The healing therapies we offer at High Hopes are described in some detail below. They are available as stand-alone individual therapies or as combination therapies. Our therapies are available to High Hopes guests and retreat clients, as well as to local residents and visitors to Greyton. The rates and duration of session are tabled below, followed by more detailed descriptions of the therapeutic benefits of each modality.

Click here to write to me briefly detailing your challenge and what you think you need and hope to get out of a series of sessions. I will respond within 48 hours and set up an initial assessment with you to decide the most appropriate way forward. This will include the timing of your process (daily intensive, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions).


  • Chi Massage – 1 Hour – R750
  • – 1.5 Hour R950

  • Ayurvedic Massage – 1 Hour – R750
  • – 1.5 Hour R950

  • Kahuna Massage – 1.25 Hour – R850
  • – 1.5 Hour R1200

  • Reiki – 1 Hour – R750
  • Attunement 1 Hour R750
  • Applied Kinesiology – 1 Hour – R950
  • Counselling – 1 Hour – R950
  • Combination Sessions – 1 Hour – R950
  • Astrology Session – 1 Hour – R950
  • Ozone / Rife Therapy / Infra Red Therapy – R750


In one-on-one sessions, I assess and help you to deal with physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual blockages. Sessions can be structured over a period to begin resolving an issue.


Kinesiology offers a unique approach for couples because it is a rigorous truth system. Couples find it useful in finding a higher purpose when dealing with needs, conflicting feelings, confusion and tough decisions in relationships. It is helpful to each have an individual session first, to establish a starting point and to assess whether couples counselling will be helpful.


All members of a family will benefit from helping each person find balance in the context of the whole – from relationship issues to moving home to developmental issues to nutritional challenges.

Day visitor

Individual sessions are charged at R950 per hour. Most clients request combination sessions, as Angela is known for very thorough work combining physical assessment with energy balancing and coaching-style counselling on life issues.

Applied Kinesiology – tapping into body wisdom

Applied KinesiologyMore commonly known as muscle-testing, applied kinesiology is a diagnostic and balancing tool that enables us to understand some of the sub-clinical imbalances that may be affecting our well-being. It then uses muscle-testing to find specific remedies at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. These can include homoeopathic, allopathic, herbal and flower essence remedies. Or the primary healing response can involve thought pattern changes, working with one’s mental truth and untruth patterns, lifestyle changes and emotional insights. The significance is in finding the solutions specific to each individual.

Reiki – the oldest healing system on earth

It is a hands-on, natural healing method, in which the recipient is fully clothed. Reiki offers universal life-giving energy in an experience that one recipient describes as “soaking warmth” and another as “building an aura of grace around you”. It can very powerfully release blockages,, allowing the natural flow of energy around and through each one of us to resume its healthy flow patterns. It is known to stimulate powerful healing immune responses, and to enable the dormant will forces necessary to implementing positive change in one’s life.


A spiritual and energetic healing process working specifically through the endocrine glands, major organs, skeletal system and the chakras to balance mind, body and spirit. A single session can often bring a major life question into focus, and affect healing at a very deep and subtle level. Like many other energetic healing modalities, it is better understood after personally experiencing a balance of this nature.

Chi Massage

Combines aromatherapy, Swedish and sports massage with acupressure and reiki therapy. It is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. High Hopes works only with the purest and highest quality essential and cold-pressed organic vegetable oils. A most enjoyable and peace-inducing experience.

Aromatherapy Massage

Uses cold pressed organic plant oils in a gentle and thorough physical massage. It brings deep relaxation and well-being. It feels simply divine!


Treats the whole body and system through the reflex points in the feet which correspond with every organ, gland, meridian pathway and system of the body. While not strictly speaking a massage, this treatment is deeply relaxing and healing.


Angela Craig is an experienced counselling psychologist (BA Hons Psych, Rhodes University). She incorporates insights gained from muscle-testing and your energetic and spiritual anatomy into your counselling sessions, teaching and enabling you to find your truth in all situations in your life.
A counselling session including a look at your natal chart with the option of an extended session to address specific questions and/or a solar return reading for your current year.

Mindfulness Awareness Training and Meditation

Meditation is a tool, amongst others, which we use intensively on retreats, but is also available to as individually booked sessions, which helps us to see clearly. When we come into truth, we no longer suffer.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Some clients find regular consultations most beneficial, especially when working through challenges that demand sustained reflection, processing and attention.

The Benefits of Massage, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, Reflexology, Meditation and Counselling

ReflexologyAll of these therapies manage chronic pain either as symptomatic relief or with regular treatments, with the focus on rehabilitation.

Muscle tightness is eased. Muscles contract around a painful site to protect the area. If root causes aren’t addressed through counselling and energetic rebalancing, muscles can become habitually tight. They can then press on nerves causing tingling, numbness, or more pain. These therapeutic massage further helps relieve strain on joints by lengthening and shortening muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Endorphin levels are increased, and these natural happy neurotransmitters in our own neurological systems are the body’s own pain-killers. This increases relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety and improves sleeping patterns.

Insight, clarity and kindness to self and others are fostered through meditation. Alongside the counselling we offer on retreat, meditation fosters inner stillness. It helps one to learn which of one’s core needs went unmet as a child, and how to remedy that as an adult, how to meet one’s own true needs. Learning or improving mindfulness involves seeing the mind at work more clearly, making adjustments in one’s habitual thought patterns and behaviour patterns. One re-connects with life, softening and waking into a responsive being who takes charge of one’s own decisions, pace and life direction, who is strong and supple inside, where it most counts. Other strengths in one’s life are then built on from this foundation. This is real peace.