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Holistic Wellness Retreats

We are a small, personalised, retreat centre. High Hopes recently celebrated our 14th anniversary since opening on the 20th of May 2005. High Hopes proudly specialises in Individual Personalised Wellness Retreats, while also offering variety of Themed Retreat programmes and workshops over the years.


Choose from our Basic Health Balancing Retreat or our Intensive Personal Journey Programme, and build your own best programme with our input from there.

The Basic Health Balancing Retreat R3470 per day all inclusive
* accommodation in a very comfortable, private, garden-entrance, en-suite room
* delicious plant-based meals prepared from freshly-sourced local ingredients
* an intake assessment session with kinesiologist and counselling psychologist Ange Craig
* nutritional assessment
* daily massage or reiki
* an aroma-steam
* an infra red detox treatment
* an ozone treatment
* a mandala session
* a Way forward consultation on departure day.

The Intensive Personal Journey R5100 per day all inclusive (minimum 5 day booking)
This is a wonderful retreat to embark on if you have come through a loss or trauma, or are facing a personal crisis of any kind. This programme supports and nurtures you with first class nutrition and relaxation at the same time as offering emotional and spiritual nourishment and insight. The Intensive Personal Journey Retreat takes you on an intensive personal journey back to centeredness and well-being through a primary focus on the inner you. The daily focus is to come back to self through in-depth kinesiology, counselling and mindfulness sessions, while enjoying the support of a superb relaxation programme.

The Intensive Personal Journey Retreat gives you the following:
* accommodation in a very comfortable, garden-entrance, en-suite private room
* fantastic nutritious meals
* an intake assessment session with kinesiologist and counselling psychologist Ange Craig
* nutritional assessment
* option to follow the HCG diet
* daily massage
* daily kinesiology/counselling sessions
* a mindfulness workshop
* daily meditation practice sessions
* an emotional freedom technique session
* your choice of yoga or guided mountain walks
* an ozone treatment
* a Way Forward consultation on departure day


Adrenal Burnout Retreat R4500 per day all inclusive
• Accommodation
• Nutritious plant-based meals and veg-fruit juices
• Intake assessment
• Nutritional assessment
• Daily rife therapy
• A counselling session
• Three aroma-steam sessions
• Three mandala painting sessions (right brain activation)
• A mindfulness coaching session
• Two Truth Inquiry workshops
• Three gentle guided mountain walks (optional)
• Adrenal herbal formula

DETOX and WEIGHT LOSS Retreats R4270 per day all inclusive
* Nutritional Assessment
* Juicing (ingredients typically include cucumber, spinach, celery, baby marrow, nettle, parsley, apple, pineapple, pear, ginger, lemon, orange, carrot, beetroot)
* Delicious Plant-Based, mostly organic, meals
* Optional HCG comprehensive Weight Loss Programme
* Ozone Therapy
* Daily Infra-Red Therapy
* Steaming
* Alternating Massage and Reiki daily treatments
* Emotional Toxicity Clearing
* Truth Inquiry Workshop
* Mindfulness Coaching
* Choice of guided mountain walks and yoga classes.
* Consciousnes-raising videos and small group workshops.

ASTROLOGY, WALKING & GREAT FOOD RETREAT: What Your Birth Chart Can Tell You Weekend Retreat R10200 all inclusive
* Accommodation
* All meals
* Two Astrology workshop sessions working with your own birth chart and the cycles of life
* Two private Astrology consults with two astrologers
* Two guided mountain walks
* A daily massage / body stress release

* Accommodation (private or shared room)
* All meals
* Six vegan / vegetarian cooking classes with cook extraordinaire Sharon Peddie
* Your choice of morning yoga and mountain walks
* Your choice of daily massage / reiki / body stress release

High Hopes offers the option to add to either of the above programmes by adding therapies of your choice.
Choose from our menu of offerings on a pay as you go basis any of the following:
yoga; guided mountain walks; meditation instruction sessions; connecting and communicating with horses; counselling; mandala drawing; oil or acrylic or water-colour painting; vegan/vegetarian cooking class; ozone therapy; kinesiology; emotional freedom technique; attunement session; infra-red detox therapy
(See price-list at the foot of this page)

High Hopes is open for personalised retreats at certain times throughout 2019. Please book your space timeously, as we are often fully booked, with only five garden-entrance private rooms at the centre.

Please write to us with your requested dates and needs to secure your booking in advance. Kindly note High Hopes is fully booked for retreats until the 20th October 2019. Send your details and request to to book your retreat.


MAY 2019 Testimonial from Julie Seccombe, Age 42, Accountant, Johannesburg, attended Basic Health Balancing Retreat
“More than 100 percent happy with what I have had. I got more than I expected.
I am walking away today so pleased that I came here and that I got to experience the retreat in the way that I did.
Everything was just spot on – the massages, the walks, the yoga, the mediation, the mandala painting …
I feel like a wondrous child again, a truly amazing experience. THANK YOU Ange, Sharon, Bev, Simone and team.
I never realised the setting was so beautiful, so great. Fits in with the retreat.”

JULY-AUGUST 2019 Dr Michelle Emett, attended Adrenal Burnout Retreat
“After a very long period of high intensity work in a busy clinic, I recently found myself back in the delightful town of Greyton,
at the High Hopes Retreat Centre. I was met by Ange, Retreat Director and Sharon, Chef Extraordinaire and Deputy Director of High
Hopes. It was my first retreat and I admit, I was nervous as to what the week would hold. I was soon reassured by a clear programme
of treatments, meals and experiences on offer. My days were filled with massages to die for, steam treatments, painting and gentle
walks in the gorgeous reserve.

Clients are carefully chosen for the retreat, ensuring that like minded people with similar life stressors are attending at the
same time. In my case, a delightful small group of corporate working women seeking to regain balance and contentment in their busy
lives. The personal touch from Ange and her team is felt from the warm loving environment all the way to dining every mealtime with
the retreat participants. A rare treat in today’s world. Every aspect of the retreat is carefully worked out to ensure one
continually connects with nature, people and especially with one’s true self.

There is lots of meditation, motivational clips and should one want to, treatments in kinesiology, aromatherapy oils, homeopathic
and naturopathic supplements. Each individual has a bespoke retreat programme and goody bag of supplements to refuel energy levels
and restore the body. Many years of holding retreats and incorporating gentle physical movement such as yoga with Bev Blumberg and
short walks into the reserve bring the body back into alignment on a physical level.

Our rooms were a wonderful mix of shabby chic and each bedroom had its own fireplace ensuring a cosy warm atmosphere, guaranteed to
produce the best nights rest. Our food was plant based and I surrendered willingly to the purity of putting the cleanest most
wholesome fuel into my fatigued body. Sharon’s exceptional talent for producing delicious, nutritious filling meals is to be
applauded. The food is also tailor made to both the clients needs as well as allergies and best food groups.

We all know well the intuitive talent which Ange brings to the party. At all times I felt safe allowing myself to become vulnerable
to healing in body, mind and spirit. Ange’s treatments are well recognized in the field of complementary medicine and are
scientifically sound. Add to this her background in psychology, kinesiology, Reiki and many other complementary medicine fields; as
well as a deep inner strength as a natural healer. Ange’s intuition is unique and remarkable and brings a depth to the healing
process which, in my experience would be difficult to replicate.

My experience at High Hopes Retreat Centre was one of a world class standard, and one which High Hopes as well as Greyton as a
whole, can be very proud of offering. “

APRIL 2019 Thomas Mpho, age 39, Company Director, attended Intensive Personal Journey Retreat for recovery from loss and trauma:
“I feel we have done well. I believe that even though the grieving is still going to be a journey, thanks to the team at High Hopes I
feel lighter, I know where to go from here. The stuck position I thought I was in, and the overwhelming grief, now I feel I can
handle it.”

Bobby Stewart, V&A WATERFRONT, Executive Manager: Strategic Relations & HR, attended two Adrenal Burnout retreats, June-Aug 2019

“I arrived at High Hopes almost catatonic with exhaustion – so much so, that I had to have my son drive me through. I had severe
adrenal burnout and chronic fatigue, an immune system so depleted I could hardly withstand a flea bite and the “joys” of menopause –
anxiety, weight gain and a sense of being constantly overwhelmed and unable to cope. From the moment I stepped through the doors, I
felt a sense of safety and deep, profound love and caring which gave me the strength to know that I would make it through. Ange is
phenomenally gifted and through her programme I have shifted on many levels. The gardens, the rooms, the massages (Simone, Carla and
Liezel are exceptional) and the combinations of therapies provided me with more than I can possible express. Shari cooked the most
delicious meals for us with an attention and love that was beautiful in and of itself– as an additional gift Shari is a wellpoint of
information around food for wellness alongside her personal spiritual insights. Her singing as I entered the house for each meal
became an almost sacred experience. I went back for an additional 8 days a few weeks later where again my experience was a further
nurturing, healing and deepening of my process. As an added bonus, I did the HCG programme and have lost a total of 13kgs in 55
days! On both occasions I was blessed to find other beautiful women who openly shared their stories, love and support. High Hopes
and the Angels that dwell within will always feel like a coming home for me. ”

DEC 2018 Emmanuel Kapera, Age 34, Tanzania, Corporate Senior Consultant

“As soon as we drove in knew this is the right place I needed to be.
People greet you.
It feels like this is the way life is supposed to be: innocent, a relaxed environment to live in every day, I didn’t even notice that
I was losing the weight i came to lose, i enjoyed myself so much. I lost 4.5 kilograms in my first week, and another 4 in my second
I am so grateful I was led to choose this retreat!”

APRIL 2019, Intensive Personal Journey Retreat, Lucretia, Age 51, Durban, Mother and Small Business Owner

“I was scared, so far from home, to take myself into a different setting an environment I don’t know
We get so set in our ways…
Travel the same routes.
I felt relaxed the moment i arrived and was met with smiles and a sit down tea.
From that moment the retreat just got better and better.
There were tough moments too, of facing things in myself and in my past…
Ange and her team helped me face them together.
It was transformative, this retreat is transformative.
I am grateful I could give that gift to myself, it is the greatest gift I have given myself”

The Walking and Visioning Retreat
Join us for a soulful four-day retreat that includes a meander through the breathtaking Sonderend Mountains between Greyton and McGregor. This restorative escape and special vision walk includes all meals and tranquil accommodation in idyllic settings, along with massage and other therapies and your own personal facilitated visioning process. Walk in mindful connection. Enjoy magnificent views and shows of endemic fynbos. Rejuvenate your spirit and stretch your legs!

The Concept of the Walking Pilgrimage:
This is a spiritual pilgramage consisting of a four day guided walk through the mountains, to our sister retreat in the neighbouring village of McGregor. We look after you and guide you on a journey of discovery and re-connection.

The Opportunity:
This retreat offers a rare opportunity to be safely guided on a spectacular inner focus walking journey on an ancient picturesque mountain trail. As you trail through nature you will be guided into the heart of a question, a quest for self, and on a spiritual quest.

Book your journey to self, through an ancient mountain trail, between two retreat centres – by writing to / phoning +27 28 254 9898 / sms +27 60 82 80 884.

Optional Extras Available on site to book on a book and pay basis on all retreats: detox juices; ozone; rife; infra-red therapy; reiki; counselling; coaching; cycling; guided mountain walks (& mountain pool swims!); natural remedies; superfoods


R950 per hour
CBTS (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia)
Combination Sessions (Ozone-Rife-Infrared / Massage-Kinesiology / Reiki-Kinesiology)
Vision-Work Sessions
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique Session)
Couple’s counselling
Steam and Massage
Connecting and Communicating with Horses Session

R750 per hour
Chi Massage
Kahuna Massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Insight Meditation & Journaling
Nutritional Coaching

R350 per hour
Mandala Painting
Guided Mountain & Village Walks
Yoga Classes
Ozone Therapy
Rife Treatment
Infra Red Dance Classes
Vegan and HCG Cooking Classes
Clay Work
Alpaca Visit (at a nearby farm)

R250 per 15 minutes

R100 Juices to Order
Green Juice Spinach, Nettle, Celery, Kale, Apple, Cucumber
Red Juice Beetroot, Carrot, Kale, Ginger
Orange Juice Orange, Butternut, Celery, Carrot

Add: Turmeric, Flaxseed Oil, Blueberries, Ginger, Strawberries, Cayenne (R15 per shot added)

R25 Home-ground percolated hob coffee

Add: Black Maca / Superfood Combo

R100 Superfood Smoothies to Order (choose 5 ingredients):
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, granny smith apples, goji berries, pecan nuts, organic macadamia nut butter, organic almond nut butter, organic cashew nut butter, organic peanut butter, organic sesame butter, banana, pineapple, lucuma superfoods, spirulina, organic cacao, flaxseed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, lime or lemon juice, raw organic honey or stevia as sweetener

High Hopes stock a range of superb natural remedies, along with BACH and South African Flower Remedies and a range of Weight Loss and Superfood Formulas. We also stock our own small range of aromatherapy soap, shampoo and nourishing body lotion.

Laundry service is available (ask Management for price list)

We hope to be welcoming you to High Hopes this season.

Yours in Wellness,