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Retreat Descriptions & Pricing

For a detailed description of what we do on a retreat, please see Retreats.

Individual Personalised Wellness Retreats

We are open for structured retreats throughout the year. You can book as an individual, as a couple in a double room, or as friends / mother-daughter / father-son etc in a twin room. Please write to us to request your preferred dates.

Programmes are personally created for you as an individual. Write to Ange at describing your intentions and purposes for your retreat, any health or peronsal challenges you’ve been facing, requesting your ideal dates, and she will write back to you straight away with recommendations and further information. Thank you.

In 2014 we introduced our new WEIGHT LOSS RETREAT. Your programme is still personalised and inclusive of all the usual relaxation and mindfulness therapies, but the focus is the new HCG weight loss protocol, following the most successful weight loss clinic in the world. To apply and to find out whether you might be suited to this fabulous, successful and DURABLE weight loss programme, write to Ange at

To book a sleep retreat (we assist with all kinds of sleep disorders, from sleep apnoea to insomnia to restless legs syndrome), you may benefit from first booking a diagnostic appointment at the Constantiaberg Sleep Centre or one of their sister clinics around SA or in London. If you have a serious sleep disorder, kindly first contact Lynn Bewsick at the Constantiaberg Sleep Centre (021 799 2243) to book an appointment for proper assessment of your particular sleep disorder with Dr Ebrahim, as you may need to book in to do a one night polysomnography sleep study. If you have a mild sleep problem which you think will benefit from a holistic wellness retreat, and don’t wish to go in for a sleep study, you are welcome to contact us at High Hopes directly.


Prices include accommodation, all meals, all therapies and all activities while on retreat.

Structured Programme

3 daysR10,062R10,845
1 weekR23,478R25,305
10 daysR33,540R36,150
2 weeksR45,150R48,664
3 weeksR67,725R72,996
4 weeksR90,300R97,328
5 weeksR112,875R121,660
6 weeksR135,450R145,992

Rates above are for the minimum three day to the maximum six week retreat period. The mini retreat (3 days) is only recommended if you have retreated before and are completing a follow-up retreat or would just like an introduction to what retreating can be like before you schedule a proper full length retreat for yourself. Most people find a that doing a miniumum of somewhere between a 9-16 day retreat to be most beneficial.

Prices are valid up to and including the night of 31 August 2016. On 1 September 2016 there will be a 10% rates increase.

Semi-Structured Retreat: (Self-Cater / Part-Catered)

We are open throughout the year for semi-structured self-cater and part-cater retreats. Please ring us or write to us to check availability in our self-cater cottage. Our part-catered 2 week retreat and self-catered 4 week retreat options are priced as follows:

  • Two Week Part-Catered Retreat R18 900: breakfasts only, other meals self-cater, three therapies of your choice per week plus one activity per week. Choose from:
    • Therapies:
      • kinesiology
      • counselling
      • reiki
      • aromatherapy massage
      • reflexology
      • acupuncture
      • meditation
      • hot stone massage
    • Activities:
      • guided walks
      • Yoga
      • horse-riding
      • mandala painting
      • clay sculpting
  • Four Week Sabbatical Self-Catered Retreat R29 800: purely self cater, one therapy of your choice per week and one activity of your choice per week

Booking and Cancellation Policy

A 50% deposit confirms retreat bookings. The balance of payment is due 7 days prior to scheduled arrival. Our policy for retreat cancellations prior to arrival is as follows:

  • 7 days or less, forfeit full retreat cost
  • 8-14 days, forfeit 100% of deposit
  • 15-21 days, forfeit 75% of deposit
  • 22-30 days, forfeit 50% of deposit
  • No deposit is refundable in full

Kindly note that changing retreat dates constitutes a cancellation. No booked retreat is transferable. A postponement may be offered subject to availability at more than 31 days notice. There is a postponement fee of 25% of the retreat deposit.

Substance Addiction

Regrettably, anyone arriving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or needing rehab will be referred to rehab and denied entry to our facilities as we are not equipped to offer detox from drug or alcohol abuse.

SPECIAL CARE: There is an additional daily charge of R1500 for special care of any description, from post operative to tertiary care attention.

Optional extra services (to your account)


Aromatherapy Massage1 hourR600
Aromatherapy Massage Full Body1.5 hourR850
Chi Massage1 hourR600
Chi Massage Full Body1.5 hourR850
Reiki1 hourR600
Attunement1 hourR600
Reflexology1 hourR600
Kinesiology Initial Consultation1 hourR800
Kinesiology Follow-Up0.5 hourR500
Couples Counselling1 hourR800
Astrology Counselling1 hourR900


Therapy PackageTherapy of your choice with health lunch and aromatherapy gift oil R900
Aromatherapy PackageAromatherapy & Reiki (2 sessions) with health lunch and aromatherapy gift oil R1,300
Day Package3 therapies of your choice (1 hour each) with health lunch and aroma gift bagR2,500
Overnight Package SingleAccommodation, 3 therapies (1 hour each), three health meals (supper, breakfast, lunch) and aroma gift bag R3,800
Overnight Package DoubleAccommodation, 3 therapies each (1 hour each), three health meals each (supper, breakfast, lunch) and aroma gift bag eachR6,300


Meditation6 session course, part timeR3,000
Reiki I NRFull-time, non-residential, 2 full daysR5,500
Reiki IFull time, residential (including accommodation 3 nights and 4 days at HIgh Hopes) all meals included, 2 full days trainingR8,500
Reiki II NRFull-time, non-residential, 4 full days, plus 6 months supervisionR9,000
Reiki IIFull time, residential (including accommodation 3 nights and 4 days at HIgh Hopes) all meals included, 4 full days training, plus 6 months supervisionR12,000
Reiki III (Masters)6 months part-time plus case studiesR18,800

Follow-Up Services

  • We offer follow-up kinesiology readings plus Skype / telephonic consultations R600
  • We offer follow-up mini retreats (4-6 days) in the 9 months following your retreat – daily rates apply

Written feedback and reports

All Angela’s clients receive verbal feedback in the session. A complimentary written report is given at the end of the first session.

Thereafter, a detailed written report is available at an additional fee of R350 per session. Kindly request this at the beginning of the session if you wish Ange to write detailed notes for you.

All retreat clients receive a detailed written report at the end of your retreat.

Once-off Kinesiology sessions

Kinesiology can be a very useful tool in a once-off consultation to address an acute issue, find an instant path through an immediate crisis or offer a nutritional assessment.

Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Some clients find regular consultations most beneficial, especially when working through challenges that demand sustained reflection, processing and attention.

Write to me briefly detailing your challenge and what you think you need and hope to get out of a series of sessions. I will respond within 48 hours and set up an initial assessment with you to decide the most appropriate way forward. This will include the timing of your process (daily intensive, weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions).


In one-on-one sessions, I assess and help you to deal with physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual blockages.

Sessions can be structured over a period to begin resolving an issue.


Kinesiology offers a unique approach for couples because it is a rigorous truth system. Couples find it useful in finding a higher purpose when dealing with needs, conflicting feelings, confusion and tough decisions in relationships. It is helpful to each have an individual session first, to establish a starting point and to assess whether couples counselling will be helpful.


All members of a family will benefit from helping each person find balance in the context of the whole – from relationship issues to moving home to developmental issues to nutritional challenges.

Day visitor

Individual one-on-one or couple sessions are charged at R670 per hour.